The primary purpose of the catalog is promotion of talented artists and their paintings to galleries, collectors and lovers of contemporary art. The catalog will be distributed to leading galleries in Europe, as well as presented at contemporary art fairs. Our catalog is an extensive collection of works of the best contemporary artists.

Our judging panel selects the best artists with a high artistic level for being published in the catalog.

The catalog is published by an independent creative team (CCA) from Berlin (Germany). Our main aim is to promote new artists in a global art market.

General information

  • Full color illustrated book with color cover. Format A4
  • Glossy high density, soft cover
  • Volume about 100 pages
  • Language — English
  • The catalog includes articles by a curator and an art critic
  • Publication date: august-september 2015

Catalog price includes

  • catalog printing
  • registration of International Standard Book Number
  • design and layout of the catalog
  • postage and shipping costs, packaging materials
  • distribution of the catalog

In the catalog printed:

  • name of the participant
  • contact information
  • photo of the artist
  • brief biography in English or essay about the works (1/4 page)
  • 2 - 3 photos of works (on a page)

Volume I

The first volume of the Creative Contemporary Artists catalog was published in August 2013. It was distributed during 2013 and 2014 years in galleries and art fairs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.