Dia Michnay Wenzl




Lidia Wenzl Michnay was born in 1954 in Budapest. Since 1976 she lives in Siegburg near Cologne, Germany.

Painting is her passion, a surge of emotions of her unexpressed desires and in some way a therapy, withdrawal from reality to find a balance in life. Despite serious health problems, that artist became aware of not long ago, she is begining to focus on her painting seriously. Her long hidden talent of an artist, with the little past experience in drawing, is now giving her the strength to overcome the obstacles.

She uses a vast variety of mediums for her artworks, and though increasing her experience with them she is forming her unique style of painting. It is particularly noteworthy that the artist paints predominantly in dark colors using in a masterly fashion strokes and spots of light and bright tones. She frames her compositions in such unexpected ways, building interesting from texture and shape point of view forms.