Hye Ja Moon

South Korea



«A part controls the whole» is my slogan while painting. However small it is, the spaces adjacent to the colored parts have a greater importance than it looks. So, I paint all my paintings with a finest brush (#0) to transfer the energy of the uncolored spaces. The thorough plan free from mistakes is prior to others.

I have trained myself for leaving the spaces moving my body constantly on the canvas, as musical players perform on their stage. We can pass our energy onto others in the process of our movements. With a finest brush (#0), I move very freely on the canvas during the whole work, and surely the viewers would feel the infinite youth and revitalizing energy in them through my works. We die unless we breathe. We breathe and the breathing leads us to move and gain energy to live. The theme of my work is contemporary music containing chaotic and harmonious stories with its rhythm. As a musical piece does, my paintings containing breath and movement surely give off the energy passing onto the viewers.