Jansson Enke Cäcilie




Born January 15, 1968 in Eutin, Germany. In the age of 15 Enke Cäcilie started intensively drawing and painting, always fascinated by and focused on portraits. Her talent was early discovered, so that she worked on portraits commissions (in style variations) during school time.

She studied graphic design at Kunstschule Alsterdamm, Hamburg (studio Setzke), painting and drawing: Lothar Walther and at the Werkkunstschule Lübeck. In 1990 she finished her studies with a diploma in «Graphic Design».

She worked for more than 15 years in companies and advertising agencies as an art director and became a marketing specialist for several brands and culture/charity events. This world of advertisement also influenced her views on portrait.

Apart from her study and profession, she developed her work as a freelance artist. She mastered the craft of portrait and changed it into a more expressive style. Her colorful interpretations of faces and situations give the impression of power and optimism and sometimes irony and humor.