Myra Sjöberg




I would describe my art as being very inspired by the Symbolist movement and the teachings of Carl Jung. I am very interested in exploring the subconscious through my paintings and I consider my canvas to be a sort of mirror between the known and the unknown.

It is important for me that my paintings remain open and contain an air of the mysterious. In my eyes art is one of the means with which we can communicate and understand things that exist beyond language. I often work in fine layers and use the oil colour almost as if it was watercolour and leave some of the canvas white. This quality allows subjects to emerge from the painting and grow in the imagination of the beholder.

At other times dense patterns surround the characters in my paintings and these patterns become sym- bols within themselves. When I paint I feel as if I am telling a story and it grows in the telling and lives on through the eyes of the observer.