Nataliia Zhuravlova




Natalya was born November 16, 1978 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Since 2002 she participates in international and Ukrainian exhibitions and symposiums.

2000 — 2006 — studied at National Academy of Art and Architecture (studio of graphics by A. V. Chebykin). Qualified as a graphic artist, researcher and teacher.
2003 — received a grant of the President of Ukraine.
2006 — Third prize in the painting competition «Day of Europe» on the «Mediterranean» theme held by Spanish Embassy in Ukraine.
Since 2007 — teacher of graphics and painting at the Institute of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, named after Michael Boychuk.
2009 — participated in the International Symposium of Painting in Patras, Greece.
2010 — participation in the nationwide festival and exhibition in Murcia, Spain.
Since 2012 — a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Department of Graphics.
2014 — 3rd place in «Watercolours» nomination at G. Yakytovich Ukraine-wide exhibition and competition.

Her pictures are in private collections in Turkey, Spain, Greece, Lithuania and China.