Rainer Schoch




Born in 1957 in Oehningen, Germany. Lives and works for many years in Kaltenbach (Thurgau), Switzerland. His talent for drawing and painting was already evident at primary school age, he paints since he was 7.

Since 1974 Rainer Schoch is represented at numerous exhibitions and fairs. In 1975 he mastered paint- ing. First expressionistic, then often photorealistic painting exclusively with oil on canvas.

In 1980s self-employed with artistic interior decoration. Designed the first handicapped sportsmen calendar for Paralympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City, as well as a series of oldtimers and Formula 1 images. From 1978 till 1982 resides in Saudi Arabia, where he painted the villa of the former king Faisal with copies of European art works.

By using famous motifs he came across the Renaissance artists. In his Renaissance cycle he adopts famous portraits as that of Raphael, and alienated them by time-critical symbolism.
His works that are regarded by international art competitions as «artistically valued», are mainly privately owned by European art collectors. Over the last three years there were numerous purchases by museums.